Harvest time conceals increased risk

***image1***Fall is harvest time, which means right now a lot of agricultural vehicles are on the roads. These vehicles bring clay and mud onto roads as they drive out from fields.

According to officials of the German automobile club, ADAC, there is an increased risk of accidents, especially for motorcycle drivers. The clay and mud in combination with rain can make roads slippery, almost like black ice.
Also, harvest products falling from the vehicles can present some danger. ADAC officials recommend to reduce speed and drive extremely carefully along fields and next to agricultural roads. Allowing a bigger distance to the driver ahead and braking softly also adds to safety.

Often, motorists don’t see what danger can be caused by agricultural vehicles such as harvester combines, which are wider and need more than half of the street. When passing, drivers must be very cautious. In many cases, motorists have to slow down and follow patiently until the agricultural vehicles leave the main road again. (Courtesy of ADAC)