HAWC hosts first children’s expo

Monica Mendoza
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***It’s never too early to start thinking about health and nutrition, even if you are a newborn.

Ramstein dieticians and physicians are ready to help the KMC’s youngest
residents get off to healthy starts. Officials from Ramstein’s Health
and Wellness Center are hosting a Children’s Health Expo from noon to 3
p.m. Sunday, at the Ramstein Southside Fitness and Sports Center.

“We know we focus on military with mandatory fitness,” said Karen
Knupp, HAWC Health Promotions Technician and one of the organizers of
the expo. “We want to make sure we are not forgetting the children.”

October is National Children’s Health Month, highlighting health and
nutrition for children of all ages. Twelve agencies, including security
forces who will fingerprint children, will be available at the HAWC’s
expo to talk with parents about their children’s health, nutrition and
safety. Attendees will also be eligible for a $229 voucher for a trip
to “Wallaby World,” Six Flags Belgium.

The expo includes information booths, games, a basketball shootout and jump rope races.

“We want to make parents more aware of healthy lifestyles,” Ms. Knupp said.
Capt. Angie Hester, HAWC dietician, said a child’s proper nutrition
starts in the womb with expecting mothers learning about diet and
nutrition. Parents then can model healthy eating habits for their
children. It doesn’t work for parents to try and give children veggies
while they eat burgers and fries, Captain Hester said.

“Diet is important for the parents,” said Captain Hester, who works at
HAWC and will be at the expo. “Children learn from their parents.”

Captain Hester said her No. 1 tip for parents wanting to feed their
children healthy foods, is to keep trying. If kids don’t like the
healthy food on first try, they may like the second or third time, she

“It takes time for taste buds to adjust and like something,” she said. “Don’t give up.”
About the HAWC
The Health and Wellness Center is located in the Southside Fitness and
Sports Center on Ramstein, building 2117. Parents of children of all
ages can check out videos or books on a variety of topics from health
and nutrition, to stress management, to learning the signs of teen-age
substance abuse.

Dieticians are available for wellness checks and can provide parents with nutritional information.

For more information, call 480-4292 or 06371-46-4292.