Help make post-holiday trash pick up easier in housing

Since Christmas is a time of high refuse generation, trash pickup in housing after the holidays is a challenge.

Base housing residents are advised to breakdown all boxes and fold wrapping paper to decrease trash volume, use recycling containers if they have been provided and hold on to trash until there is dumpster space if dumpsters are full. Trash should not be left on the ground around dumpsters.

Residents can take their Christmas trees to the compost facility on the East side of Ramstein Monday to Friday, 1 to 4 p.m., excluding German holidays. Christmas trees must not be put in or around regular dumpsters.  

“Proper disposal of trash is the responsibility of each housing resident,” said Capt.  Jason Campbell, 735th Civil Engineer Squadron Maintenance Engineering Flight chief. “All refuse must be placed inside dumpsters with the lids closed for sanitation purposes and to provide a clean, neat image.”

Children who are not tall enough to properly dispose of trash are not to dispose of trash.    

Bulk refuse items should only be put out for pick-up the morning of the bulk pick-up day. If disposing of a bulk item cannot wait until the scheduled pick-up day, the recycling centers at Ramstein, Sembach and Vogelweh are available Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. including all German and American holidays except Sundays.  Members PCSing will not be cleared from housing if bulk items are found in their housing area.  
Building leaders will be stepping up efforts to identify violators and will be issuing letters of warning. The base policy is three letters of warning and the housing assignment will be terminated.  

Base policy prohibits personnel living off base from using on-base dumpsters. Also, parking vehicles within 16 feet of a garbage receptacle is prohibited.   

For more information concerning refuse collection for your area, contact the housing office at 480-5017 or the 735th CES service contracts section at 480-6919.  (Story courtesy of the 735th CES)