High school student publishes fantasy novel

Sheri Byrd, Story and photo
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Some people dream for a lifetime of seeing their name as author on a book cover. For Ramstein American High School senior Brianna Shaver, the dream became reality in March of this year, just as she begins to pursue other career dreams.

The 17-year-old KMC native is the author of “A Diamond in the Rough,” a juvenile fantasy adventure story.

“It’s about a young female dragon who steps in to a position of leadership during a time of crisis when no one else will,” said Brianna, the daughter of a retired Army officer and a Ramstein Intermediate School third-grade teacher.

An excerpt from near the beginning of the book shows its message of courage in the face of adversity:

The wounded dragon hesitantly hobbled up to the center of the boulder. Taking a deep breath, summoning all her courage and pride, she said the four most life-altering words she had ever spoken: “I will lead you!’

The book started as a story written just for fun, during Brianna’s free time two to three years ago. Once the story was finished, her friends and younger sister encouraged her to try to publish the work.
“Last summer I had some time and started searching online for a publisher,” she said.

One company in particular seemed to have an easy submission process, at no cost to the author. Brianna submitted a synopsis, and the company responded almost immediately with a request for her full manuscript. One month later, she had a contract for publishing within one year.

Brianna has no immediate plans to write any more books, but heads to the University of Florida in the fall to study veterinary medicine.

“Both the book and my choice of major are part of my love for animals,” she said. “I may write more books if they come to me, but I don’t think I have the disposition to pursue this as a career. I wouldn’t feel creative if I forced ideas on to a page to meet an editor’s deadline.”

The book is now available through major online book sellers, and in numerous American book stores.

“We’re working on making it available through the BX, too,” she said.