Housing Hype: Disposing of oversized items

Where do you take your oversized items for disposal?

Reuse and recycling are key to tackling the bulk waste problem.

There are three bulk recycling collection points for Military Family Housing residents to use to rid themselves of oversized items:

Ramstein Recycle Center:
Bldg# 2045, north of the Southside Fitness Center
DSN: 480-4191 or COM: 0162-2903316

Kapaun/Vogelweh Recycle Center:
Bldg# 2820, across from Vehicle Registration
DSN: 480-4191 or COM: 01739192184

Landstuhl Recycle Center:
Bldg# 93701, near Barracks Bldg 3707
DSN: 486-6881 or COM: 06317-86-6881

These centers accept the majority of household items. To make sure your bulk item will be accepted, however, please contact the centers at the numbers above prior to your arrival.

Thank you for helping us keep our Military Family Housing areas looking great for all who live in the KMC!

If you have questions, please contact the Housing Facilities Section at DSN 489-7108 or Commercial 0631-536-7108.