Housing Hype: KMC Housing town homes waste calendar for 2021

Currently, in the KMC housing areas, there has been an increase in improper disposal of waste and recycling. As military family housing residents, it is important to follow proper recycling procedures. In Germany, it is the law to sort your trash and recyclables into the correct containers.

Sorting refuse into the proper locations is your responsibility. Any items left outside the appropriate containers will not be picked up by the garbage/recycling contractors. This includes bulk items such as large cardboard boxes, furniture, grills, mattresses, etc. If items will not fit into the correct container, they must be taken to the nearest recycling center location for proper disposal.

In order to control unauthorized refuse disposal, surveillance of housing and receptacle areas is now being performed on a daily basis. Violators for improper disposal will receive one “Notice to Correct” issued as a warning. Refusal to adhere to policy, or further violations, will result in the occupant’s First Sergeant being notified.

Townhomes Waste Calendar for 2021

As always, the Housing Office thanks you for your cooperation in keeping our communities and environment clean and healthy for all to enjoy!

If you have further questions regarding this matter, please contact the Housing Facilities Section at DSN 489-7108 or Com 0631-536-7108/6643 or 6659. We’ll be glad to assist.

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