Housing Hype: Services provided

Off-base housing

Take advantage of the Housing Referral Office’s (HRO) assistance, knowledge and expertise. If you are stumped and require guidance, the HRO can provide you with assistance with your rental contract.

Services provided

The KMC Housing Flight continues to provide off-base referral services with:

  • Translations/interpretations when dealing with the landlord, pertaining to your rental contract
  • General information on military housing allowances
  • Listings of private local rental housing using https://www.homes.mil. If the home is not advertised on Homes.mil, then the unit is not housing approved! (HOMES.mil is a service designed to connect service members and their families with community housing rental listings located near U.S. military bases)
  • Assistance in locating an off-base home
  • Assistance with rental negotiations
  • Assistance in obtaining furniture and appliance support
  • Assistance with tenant and landlord complaints
  • Assistance when dealing with utility bills
  • Assistance with the final-out inspection of premises with tenant and property owner

If you need legal assistance: Assistance can be obtained through your base installation Legal Assistance Office.

HRO personnel are available to assist with mediation of landlord/tenant disputes. In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved, members will be referred to the Legal Office for guidance. Ultimately, disputes that cannot be resolved through assisted mediation must be resolved through the German legal system.

In order for the Housing Office to project housing availability more accurately, we encourage you to keep the Housing Office’s Assistance or HRO Section informed of any changes in your address, current DEROS, telephone number(s) or changes to your military unit, etc.

For any housing questions/concerns, please email us at KMCHousing@us.af.mil or call:

Assistance Section:

DSN: 314-489-6672

Commercial: 0631-536-6672

Facilities Section on-base:

DSN: 314-489-7108

Commercial: 0631-536-7108

Furnishings Management Section:

DSN: 314-489-6001

Commercial: 0631-536-6001

Housing Referral Office off-base:

DSN: 314-489-6643/6659

Commercial: 0631-536-6643/6659

Unaccompanied Housing DORMS:

DSN: 314-480-3676 (480-Dorm)

Commercial: 06371-47-3676

To keep abreast of all that is going on in Family Housing, you can visit our Facebook Page, at https://www.facebook.com/KMCHousingOffice/

NOTE: The KMC Housing Office and Furnishings Management Section will close at 11:30 every Wednesday for administrative time.

The KMC Family Housing Team is in the business of 100% “Customer Satisfaction!”