How many bison does it take …

by Brittni Jones
Ramstein High School

Fifth-graders at Ramstein Intermediate School are learning more than area, volume and Geometry.

Janice Rzasa, a gifted education teacher at Ramstein Intermediate School, worked with her fifth grade math students on a quest to discover how many American bison can fit in the school’s courtyard. The students measured the perimeter and found the area to calculate how many bison could fit side-by-side in the courtyard. They also had to calculate how many bison could be piled up to the second story classroom.

In order to assure the measurements were as accurate as possible, the students drew a scale drawing of the average American bison on their teacher’s closet door.

The final calculation? Approximately 500 American bison. The students thoroughly enjoyed the project, while also working on advanced mathematics. Who knew fifth grade could be so much fun?