Keystone Club fundraiser to help ‘Invisible Children’ of Uganda

by Felicia Gonzales
Ramstein High School

The Ramstein Keystone Club is hosting an international food night today at the Ramstein Youth Center. 

This fundraiser is being held to raise money for a non-profit organization called Invisible Children and to bring public awareness to this important social issue.

Invisible Children is a movement started by three young filmmakers who traveled to Uganda in hopes of making a film. Upon their arrival, they were introduced to major internal issues in the country. They discovered that for the past 23 years, the Lord’s Resistance Army and the Ugandan government have been waging a war.
Joseph Kony, the leader of the LRA, has abducted thousands of innocent children to fight in his army, leaving mothers without children and children without families. Since their exile in 1996, thousands of Ugandan civilians have spent their lives in displacement camps.

The camps were designed to protect families from the LRA’s continuing violence in Ugandan villages. However, the camps are crowded with hundreds of families and civilians are forced to endure poverty and disease.

The mission of the Invisible Children organization is to help rescue Joseph Kony’s abducted children soldiers, provide funds for displacement camps and inform as many people as possible of the continuing war in Uganda.

The Ramstein Keystone Club’s international food night is a great opportunity to enjoy a meal and make a difference.

“I hope the event will be a huge success,” said the club’s vice president Sophia Seawell. “As a club we really want to give back to those deserving organizations, and Invisible Children is definitely one of them.”

  All proceeds made at the fundraiser will be donated to the Invisible Children organization. There will be a variety of homemade cuisines representing countries such as Mexico, Belgium, Japan, Italy and more.

The event starts at 5 p.m. in the Ramstein Youth Center parking lot, located near the 24-hour shoppette. Not only will the food be delicious, but every plate bought also helps combat poverty and disease.

The Ramstein Keystone Club has made it their mission to aid the Invisible Children organization and bring public awareness to this organization.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America Keystone Club is a teen community-service and leadership club that is mandated through Air Force youth programs. 

For more information on Keystone Club, call the Ramstein Teen Center at 06371-47-3099 or the Vogelweh Teen Center at 0631-536-6155.