Imitating life

***image1*** Bob Marstall, an award winning nonfiction children’s book illustrator, guides DeQuarius Baker, Sembach Elementary School third-grader, in drawing a realistic-looking insect April 1. With a live presentation to both Sembach elementary and middle school students, Mr. Marstall spoke about his step-by-step process of researching and creating nonfiction art for children’s books with the artistic process, as well as the scientific method. This was followed by smaller skills workshops with individual classes.
Watercolor artist Beverly Nevers instructs Kaiserslautern American Middle School sixth-graders Jordan Smith and Deison Rios April 6. Ms. Nevers demonstrated her talent and skills with more than 150 students, teaching watercolor workshops. Students spent time learning techniques of color definition, highlighting and show effects. ***image2***