International entertainer visits local school

Sharon Emerling
Contributing Writer

***image1***Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School students, grades pre-kindergarten to fifth-grade, enjoyed a performance by family entertainer, Dan Crow, recently at the school.
Mr. Crow sang songs and played the guitar to his own songs during the show.
Among the favorites, according to Juliana, 7, from Joan Baker’s first-grade class, was “The Bubble Song.”
“I really liked it because it was funny,” she said. Mr. Crow is a professional songwriter and entertainer. Many students may be familiar with his work on several television children’s channels.
“Dan Crow was really funny,” said Kaitlin, 10, fourth-grader. “My favorite song was the Brat song.”
The song, about a boy who teased his sister after she called him a brat, was a favorite with the third- to fifth-grade audience, too.
“It’s really cool, but that buzzer thing was scary because he made it sound like the Tyrannosaurus Rex,” said China, 10, fourth-grader. “The brat song was my favorite.”
In addition to being an entertainer, Mr. Crow is also an educator. He presents more than 200 “Reading, Writing and Rhythm” assemblies each year. He was also recognized by many educational organizations and is the recipient of the Professional Artists In Schools lifetime achievement award.
Referring to the sound affects that Mr. Crow made using odd vocal and musical instruments, Nicole, 9, fourth-grader said, “He was really funny with all the songs and noises.”
“I thought it was really cool because he could do all these amazing sounds with the little buzzer thing,” added Mark, 10, fourth-grader. “My favorite song was called Cerealism.”
Dan Crow uses music and stories to encourage respect for nature, appreciation of friendship and a general positive attitude about the world. He has traveled all over the United States and has performed in Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada as well.