Chariot of the Sun – performer presents show for students

Sharon Emerling
Contributing writer

***image1***The overall response of Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School students after watching performer Jeffrey Benoit’s one-man show “Chariot of the Sun,” was — awesome.
With the use of a few masks and one prop, Mr. Benoit, kept his audiences completely engaged as he told stories from Greek mythology.
Students in grades first to fourth listened and participated in the story about the Gorgon, a dragon-like monster that stole the golden lyre and turned the beautiful Princess Aleia to stone.
According to Natasha, 8, third-grader, “It was great. It was only one person who did it all by himself, and he did a good job.”
The older students became involved in the story of Phaeton and his chariot and Pandora and her box.
Mr. Benoit used acting as well as poetry to mask and mime to bring the stories to life. Students followed along and chanted lines for the story and then participated in acting out scenes after the show.
Teachers were also impressed with the one person show.
“I thought he was astonishing,” said Amy Lewinski, middle school math teacher. “I loved the entire performance.”
Mr. Benoit’s incredible use of minimal props was also astonishing to many of the students.
“It was amazing how he could just put on a little mask, change his voice, and all of a sudden become a whole other person,” said Joseph, 9, fourth-grade. “It was like he was two people at once.”
Kurt Kiefer, fourth-grade teacher, said “It was incredible. He brought the show to life, and it was so kid friendly. His teaching ability was so great – he had super crowd control.”
Mr. Benoit, a native of Essex, Conn., regularly performs for students of all ages around the world.