K-Town Carnival a Hit

Story and photos by Brittny Mejia

Ham hocks, bratwurst, pizza…one can smell the May carnival before they are even close enough to see the rides. The carnival, located on the Messeplatz fairgrounds in Kaiserslautern, ends Monday and provides people with a wide variety of activities.

In the afternoon, the environment is quiet and relaxing, but as soon as it gets dark the story changes. The rides light up the fairgrounds and different songs blare through the crowds, until they all blend into one.

Fair visitors can attempt to win prizes for their friends, family or loved ones by throwing darts or trying to score baskets. Afterward, they can relax at one of the food stands and sample pizza or bratwurst.

For those with a sweet tooth, there are heart-shaped cookies, crepes and chocolate-covered fruits. Some adults can also unwind inside a beer tent and enjoy some drinks and good music.

For a change of pace, adults and teenagers can shop for new clothing or accessories in the “shopping street.” Adults can also find a wide variety of items such as spices, curtains, household goods, and arts and crafts items.

Exciting rides, such as “Break Dance” and “Take Off,” will leave people struggling to regain their balance afterward. Meanwhile, the Ferris wheel will provide carnival-goers with the opportunity to relax and enjoy a breathtaking view of Kaiserslautern.

“I come to the carnival every year, and every year it’s always so much fun,” said Olivia McQuail, 17, a student at Kaiserslautern High School.

Olivia said she enjoyed the chocolate-covered strawberries and wants to return before the fair ends.

“I cannot wait to come back next weekend and finish getting on all of the rides,” she said.