KAMS has got spirit, yes they do

Bonnie Rohrberg
Contributing writer

***image1***In October, the Kaiserslautern American Middle School Parent Teacher
Student Association sponsored spirit week to unite the school by
tapping the energy and enthusiasm of the students.

“The positive energy the kids displayed showed the pride that our
students have in our school,” said Cindy Frank, parent and tutor.

The week, Oct. 17 to 21, was jam-packed with fun, said students,
parents and teachers. Each day featured a different dress-up theme,
which varied from “crazy hat day” to “inside out day.” During lunch,
students whose names were randomly selected participated in daily
survival challenges, including the “king of the balloon stomp,” an egg
toss and a spoon race.

The winners of each day’s survival task attended the “Fear Factor
Challenge” during the spirit rally Oct. 21. Survival challenge winners,
Donque Lewis, Cammonie Howell, Michael Williams and Scott Cox joined
faculty members James Jones, Susan Fortunato, Dorothea Robinson and
Cindy Frank to see who would be the “Fear Factor Champions.”

Three challenges put students through a brain quest, eating of eyeballs
and mice pie (made of Jell-O), and the running of an obstacle course.
Mrs. Robinson and Donque Lewis were named spirit week champions. The
week ended with a spirit dance.

“When teachers can allow themselves to act silly in front of the whole
student body, it lets the students see that teachers are human too and
that we also like to have fun,” said Mrs. Robinson. “Spirit week was a
great morale boost for everyone.”