Tips for a good parent-teacher conference

Ramstein, Kaiserslautern, Vogelweh, Landstuhl and Sembach elementary
schools and Sembach and Landstuhl middle schools will host
parent-teacher conferences Tuesday and Wednesday. Kaiserslautern and
Ramstein middle and high school conferences are Wednesday. There is no
school for students those days.

Here are tips from school principals to parents to follow for more effective parent-teacher conferences:
–Talk with your child about his or her classes before the conference.
Get their assessment of how they’re doing–strengths and weaknesses,
amount of time spent on homework, and where they think they can do
–Come to the conference prepared with a list of questions or concerns
to discuss with teachers, based on what you learn from your child.
–Make an effort to see each teacher at conference time, not just those
who teach core academic subjects. High school teachers say each teacher
can give parents insight into their child’s abilities and performance.
–Ask how your student’s progress is assessed, where improvements can be
made, whether the child actively participates in classroom.
–Share information with teachers that may help them better understand
your child–his or her likes and dislikes, unusual home circumstances
that may cause stress, or if your child takes medication that might
affect schoolwork.
–Don’t use more than your allotted conference time. If you need more
time, make an appointment. Find out the best way to contact a teacher
if you have questions or concerns about your student.
–Most importantly, if your child is having a problem in a particular
subject area, don’t wait until a regularly scheduled conference to
address it.
Educators say that the sooner you discuss your concerns with the teacher, the better for your child’s academic success.