Keep license, registration up to date

by Spc. Sean Finch
U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

Upon arrival in Germany, Airmen, Soldiers, Department of Defense civilian employees and family members have much to do while getting settled in. One major item on that “to-do list” is getting a U.S. Army Europe driver’s license.

The USAREUR license entitles the bearer to drive within the confines of the country in which it was issued. Driving to other European hot spots as Paris, Prague or Amsterdam requires an international license. A USAREUR license obtained in Germany is a privilege granted through an agreement with the German government only, said Tom Lorenzini, of the USAREUR Registry of Motor Vehicles here.

“That means that you must get an international driver’s license in order to legally drive outside the German borders,” he said.

Because other countries are not bound by the licensing agreements between the United States military and Germany, they will only recognize an international driving license issued in accordance with appropriate international agreements, said Mr. Lorenzini, a former military policeman who has worked in the USAREUR RMV for 17 years.

Mr. Lorenzini stressed that while having an international driver’s license is important, it is still contingent upon the validity of a USAREUR license.

“Because the international license is registered using your Army Europe license, if one gets suspended or revoked, so does the other,” he said.

Any driver who has his USAREUR license suspended or revoked receives written notification by mail, and a copy of their suspension is sent to his chain of command. Additionally, all licenses based on the USAREUR license are suspended, too, said Mr. Lorenzini.

“If your license gets suspended, you will most definitely know it,” he said.
Currently, USAREUR personnel are encouraged to get an international license.  However, they may soon be required to carry one when driving outside Germany, said Mr. Lorenzini.

For information on obtaining an international driver’s license, USAREUR personnel can contact the driver’s licensing office in their community.