Construction to begin on traffic circles

The Rheinland-Pfalz State Mobility Agency is upgrading two traffic circles near Ramstein’s West Gate, along state road L356, beginning in September. 

The West Gate traffic circle is then scheduled to be upgraded following the completion of Mackenbach Road, L369, and should be completed in about five weeks. The first upgrade of the Kindsbacher Street circle, which will take three weeks, will begin two weeks after work on the West Gate circle begins. Both construction projects will be completed simultaneously. During that time, Kindsbacher Street, connecting the West Gate circle to the Kindsbach Street circle, will be blocked. Traffic from Ramstein, heading toward Ramstein-Miesenbach, must take a detour via the West Gate access road to L363 leading into Ramstein-Miesenbach and vice versa.

After the West Gate traffic circle and Kindsbacher Street traffic circle are completed, the contractor will begin the traffic circle at Landstuhler Street, L363. L363 will be blocked completely for traffic from the traffic circle to the access ramp to the West Gate. This is also estimated to take three weeks. For traffic accessing Ramstein-Miesenbach, there is a planned  detour along the West Gate access road and then via the West Gate circle into Ramstein-Miesenbach.

Traffic will still be able to use L356 (bypass road) both ways. Traffic will be regulated by traffic lights at each circle construction sites.