KMC Blotter

10:02 a.m.: A Soldier reported larceny of private and government property after someone gained access to the Soldier’s locker by breaking the combination lock and took multiple items. There are no suspects or witnesses.

6:59 a.m.: An Airman and local national were driving when the Airman’s vehicle struck the rear of the local national’s vehicle due to inattentive driving. There were minor damages to the Airman’s vehicle. There were disabling damages to the local national’s vehicle and he also complained of a possible hip fracture.

9 p.m.: An officer and her dependent were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical when she approached him with a knife conducting stabbing motions. She then dropped the knife and began to scratch him. The officer was advised of her legal rights.

11:35 a.m.: An accident was reported in Siegelbach after an Airman driving too fast for road conditions lost control of her vehicle and struck a traffic sign and a ditch. The Airman’s vehicle had minor damages. The Airman complained of neck pain and a headache and was transported to LRMC.

SEPT. 10
9 p.m.: Polizei observed a Soldier operating his vehicle in an erratic manner. Upon contact, Polizei detected the odor of alcohol. The Soldier was advised of his legal rights.

SEPT. 11
8:19 p.m.: A civilian observed an Airman select property in the KMCC and conceal it in another bag she already paid for. The civilian stated the Airman went to the register and paid for other merchandise and exited the facility without rendering proper payment for a concealed item.  The item was valued at $14.40. The Airman was advised of her legal rights.

SEPT. 12
1:42 a.m.: A civilian and his wife were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical when he struck her in the face with an open hand. There were no visible injuries, and the victim denied medical attention.

6:54 p.m.: Three Airmen were accused of walking out of the KMCC with items they had not paid for. All three airmen were advised their legal rights.

Sept. 9 ― 13 calls, 26 volunteers, 28 lives potentially saved.
Sept. 10 ― 14 calls, 16 volunteers, 28 lives potentially saved.

» Kaiserslautern-Morlautern: one black Creative ZEN Mozaic EZ-300 an 8GB MP3-Player and one black/red Kenwood CD player face.

» Ramstein-Miesenbach: A 2011 gold Volvo utility, license plate No. KL-FL276.

» Kaiserslautern: one Coach purse, one  Coach wallet, one wedding ring, one engagement ring, one black Garmin navigation system, one credit union bank card, $6, one  CAC and one USAREUR driver’s license.