KMC Chapel Holiday Services

-Kapaun Chapel: 9 a.m.
-Danner Chapel: 10:30 a.m. Advent Service
-Ramstein South Chapel: 6 p.m. Advent Soup Supper and Service
Christmas Eve:
-Ramstein North Chapel: 5 p.m. Candlelight Service
-Ramstein South Chapel: 5 p.m. Family Service and 9 p.m. Candlelight Communion Service
-Sembach Chapel: 5 p.m. Candlelight Service
-Kapaun Chapel:11 p.m. Christmas Eucharist
-Landstuhl Chapel: 7:30 p.m. Service of Lessons and Carols
-Daenner Chapel: 7 p.m. Candlelight Service
-Kapaun Chapel: 9 a.m. Christmas I Eucharist
Dec. 31:
-Vogelweh Chapel: 7:30 p.m. Watch Night Service
-Danner Chapel:11 p.m., Watch Night Service
Jan. 2:
-Kapaun Chapel: 9 a.m. Christmas II Eucharist
Jan. 6:
-Kapaun Chapel: 5:30 p.m. Epiphany Eucharist

Christmas Eve:
-Ramstein North Chapel: 9 p.m. and midnight Christmas Eve Mass
-Vogelweh Chapel: 5 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass
-Sembach Chapel: 7 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass
-Landstuhl Chapel: 5 p.m. Children’s Christmas Mass
Dec. 25:
-Ramstein North Chapel: 10 a.m. Christmas Day Mass
-Landstuhl Chapel:10 a.m. Christmas Day Mass
Dec. 31:
-Vogelweh Chapel: 6 p.m. Mary Mother of God Mass
Jan. 1:
-Landstuhl Chapel: noon New Year’s Day Mass

Eastern Orthodox:
Christmas Eve:
-Kapaun Chapel: 7 p.m. Nativity Vespers
-Kapaun Annex: 8 p.m. Nativity Parish Dinner
Dec. 25:
-Kapaun Chapel: 10:30 a.m. Nativity of Our Lord Divine Liturgy
Jan. 1:
-Kapaun Chapel: 5 p.m. Vespers for the New Year

For more information, call the chaplain’s office at 480-6148 or 489-6743.