KMC salutes women for history month

Spc. Leeanne Cowen
21st Theater Support Command

More than 200,000 women serve in the armed forces today doing nearly every job from working in combat zones to hospitals, from the motor pool to headquarters command.
This month, the nation celebrates the accomplishments of these women and more.
The 21st Theater Support Command has several women in key leadership positions. One is Lt. Col. Cynthia Fox, the 51st Maintenance Battalion commander, 29th Support Group.
Currently two companies from the “Muddy Boots Battalion” are deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The remainder of the unit supported the movement of more than 10,000 Soldiers from 1st Infantry Division to Iraq while they simultaneously transitioned 2,000 soldiers to Kosovo Forces and Stabilization Forces.
“It has nothing to do with being a male or female, it has to do with being a Soldier,” said Colonel Fox.
“There are great Soldiers in the 51st Maintenance Battalion and they look at me as their battalion commander.
“I give them the tools and guidance and they make the mission successful. Accomplishing my goals in today’s military environment would not be possible without the women who came before me. Having said that, this month is about celebrating them.”
March is women’s history month, and it’s not just about America’s daughters-in-arms, it’s about all the women who work and sacrifice to break through social barriers, providing better opportunities for future generations.
“Women in the past didn’t have a voice – they couldn’t express their opinions,” said Sgt. Emily Adams, broadcast journalist at American Forces Network Kaiserslautern. “It’s important to encourage the reflection on women in history, because we can learn from what they wrote, and never forget how far we’ve come.”
Since its foundation, America has been growing and changing due, in part, to various groups who weren’t afraid to fight for their civil rights.
Thanks to the loud voices of sisters, mothers, wives and daughters of the past, women today can do pretty much whatever they desire.