KMC water quality results released

Courtesy of 435th MDG Bioenvironmental Engineering

The 435th Aerospace Medicine Squadron’s Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight recently announced the summary of its 2006 annual drinking water quality report.

In 2006, team members collected more than 960 bacteriological and 650 chemical drinking water samples from the 12 drinking water systems under 435th Air Base Wing and 38th Combat Support Wing jurisdiction in the KMC.
The KMC draws all its drinking water from wells several hundred feet below ground.  Water is pumped from these wells, treated and then distributed to communities to ensure a constant source of potable water.

Personnel from the 735th and 431st civil engineer squadrons conduct daily operational monitoring to maintain the high quality of local drinking water.
Also, the 435th Medical Group routinely monitors water quality throughout the system. Each week, the BE flight tests chlorine and pH levels, and collects water samples for bacteriological and chemical analysis.

The U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine at Landstuhl, a German and U.S. certified/accredited laboratory, performs most of the analytical requirements.

Due to the exceptional quality of the groundwater source, treatment is, for the most part, unnecessary. Chlorination is accomplished because it provides a measurable means of ensuring water is properly disinfected. All water sources are chlorinated, and some are filtered. This is done to ensure a safe, aesthetically pleasing product.

In 2006, slightly elevated lead levels were measured in the Sembach and Fliegerstrasse water systems. Public notification was made and subsequent follow-up monitoring is in progress. One isolated positive bacteriological incident in the Vogelweh 2 system was detected. Public notification was made and the system was back in compliance after 24 hours.

For more information, housing residents should call the housing office at 489-6643.  Dorm residents should contact their building manager. Additional questions can be directed to the BE flight at 479-2220 or 06371-46-2220.