KMCC Visitors’ Quarters ‘state-of-the-art’

Senior Airman Dan Lanphear
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***Construction continues at the new Kaiserslautern Military Community Center Visitors’ Quarters on Ramstein. A portion of the KMCC is being built by German contractors under Air Force supervision. “The quality is really good,” said Capt. Andrew Sheehan, KMCC project management officer.
This VQ is the fourth facility of its type in the Air Force. Others opened in  Korea, Nevada, and California since 2002. Lessons learned in those projects are put into practice here, said Mr. Tim Wible, KMC lodging general manager, who worked on the California project.
“State-of-the-art equipment” will be used, including better ventilation systems, and wireless Internet service available in all guest rooms. There’s even an automatic window-washing system hanging from roof rails. Wiring for 110 and 220-volt receptacles will power American and European electrical devices.
Energy savings are a big investment at the VQ. An automatic energy management system turns off heat and air conditioning in empty rooms (yes, it is an air conditioned building on Ramstein). The lights use motion sensors to turn on or off when one enters the room. Don’t worry – the wall sockets stay on in case you have something plugged in.
The energy savings help offset extra amenities, like video-on-demand; you can order entertainment through your TV or watch DVDs. Or, get online with the wireless Internet service. While you’re at it, live it up with room service by Macaroni Grill.
Guest quarters number 350, with eight handicap-accessible rooms, 20 family rooms with two beds, and eight top-floor suites. If you get a suite, you will have multiple rooms, including a kitchenette and laundry separate from your sleeping quarters.
As part of the Rhein-Main Transition Program, which will bring more air travelers to Ramstein, the VQ will be a travel-centered lodge.
“Space-A travelers will enjoy this feature,” said Captain Sheehan. There will be bus service, rental cars and taxis available from the VQ. It’s going to be a busy place.”
“We’re expecting easily 500 check-ins (and –outs) per day,” said Mr. Wible. This figure will include all of the 1,000 rooms available throughout the KMC after the VQ opens in 2007.