PSD Upate

The Air Force Personnel Center continues to make personnel transactions easier for Airmen.
Several initiatives are upcoming, but one is on the near horizon.
The Enlisted Assignment Preference (or Dream Sheet) application will be automated and administered via the virtual Military Personnel Flight within a few weeks.
Actions  associated with the Enlisted Assignment Preference will shift from the CSS and MPF to the member, who will assume personal control of this feature via a vMPF application. This will allow enlisted members to use the vMPF to list their assignment preferences and, with the click of a button, automatically update MilPDS.
This automation streamlines the process by removing the need for members to visit their CSS or MPF to complete an AF Form 392 and have updates loaded into PC-III or MilPDS. CSSs and MPFs will serve an advisory role and the AF Contact Center will assist members with any update difficulties. (Courtesy of the 435th Mission Support Squadron)