Knowing your wellness status

It’s another work day, your alarm goes off and you literally drag yourself out of bed. You feel listless and tired. You are constantly feeling like you simply need more energy. If it’s a Monday, some people call it the Monday blues; however you seem to have the same feeling every day. So what’s up with that?

As you reflect, you recognize your diet and exercise regimen has not been the best.

Can you relate?

Would you like to shift your perspective and eliminate those work blues? Knowing your wellness status could be the first step in helping regain your vitality.

What exactly is wellness?

Wellness is the process of becoming aware, making choices that support you toward a healthy and fulfilling life. It’s not just about being free of illness, it is a dynamic process and involves growth, change and the evolution of self.

How can you identify your wellness status?

Landstuhl’s Army Wellness Center offers a Health Assessment Review measuring general health, risk stratification and biometric screening. The HAR is a great first step in determining where you are on your wellness journey. It allows you to identify if you are at risk for any diseases and possible changes to mitigate those risks.

The HAR appointment is 60 minutes long and consists of interacting with a highly-trained health educator to determine your wellness goals and needs. The health educator will go over your dietary, exercise and sleep habits, discuss possible stressors and make some helpful recommendations on the next steps in your journey. Many of our clients have seen great improvements by following those suggestions.

Benefits of knowing your wellness status

When you are aware of your wellness status, you will be better equipped to make a plan to achieve your health and wellness goals. Everything we do is related to our wellbeing. Knowing your status will help you face challenges head on.

AWC’s aim

The primary aim of AWC is to improve and sustain health, performance and readiness of our military personnel. We cater to active duty, family members, Department of Defense civilians, retirees and if space is available we also see Reserve/National Guard.

Make an appointment

If you are ready to make that step in improving your health and wellness, then contact us and set up your HAR appointment today: 06371-9464-5881 or find us on Facebook at