Knowledge ops keep customers focused on mission

by Staff Sgt. Travis Edwards
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Some knew them as information managers, some client support administrators. But they are the knowledge operations managers, here to keep you focused on the mission.

“I’m not going to say that the mission would stop without us, but the mission would certainly be hindered,” said Tech. Sgt. Brandon Johnson, 86th Airlift Wing Knowledge Operations section chief. “We need our customers to be focused on the mission. They can’t be focused on the mission if computer and data problems keep coming up.”

Ensuring current computer configurations are up-to-date and working and troubleshooting problems are just the tip of the iceberg.

Knowledge Operations managers are here to make daily life look seamless to the customer, whether the commander of a group or wing, or an Airman in the wing staff agency who’s printer just won’t work.

“We’re here for our customers and we take care of them. Whether it is the general and his staff or any of the (wing staff agency) chiefs that fall under us,” Johnson said. “That’s my main mission right now — to make sure they are all taken care of.”

But to take care of their customers, they first take care of each other. It’s something they feel is important to maintain a positive work environment.

Knowledge Operations is subdivided into three different categories under the 3D0 career field. X1s are knowledge ops managers, X2s are cyber systems managers and X3s are cyber surety managers. They all work hand in hand with each other to accomplish the hundreds of daily tasks.

“We keep each other grounded and look out for each other,” said Staff Sgt. Jennifer Anderson, 86th AW Knowledge Operations manager who specializes in cyber systems. “There’s a lot of teamwork that happens behind these walls.”

“Some of the stuff that she might have to put off for a more important task, I can pick up,” said Staff Sgt. Anitrea Bryan, 86th AW Knowledge Operations manager. “That’s how we overcome; we use each other’s strengths the best way possible so the mission gets complete.”

Some consider CCK the jack of all trades since a majority of additional duties also lay in their laps. The 86th AW CCK shop has about 21 different additional duties divided between the three NCOs.

“It’s not hard, but it isn’t easy,” Bryan said. “All the small things add up and can end up taking most, if not all, of the day to complete.”

With the wing’s vision and priorities in mind, these operators of knowledge-based systems keep the customers up and operationally ready so they can continue to focus on the mission.