Landlocked Sailors call Sembach home

by Airman 1st Class Kenny Holston
Kaiserslautern American

With no large body of water in sight, the Navy Expeditionary Logistics Unit One found itself in a unique situation stationed at Sembach Annex.

In November 1999, the Navy dropped anchor at Sembach with a mission to provide direct avionic, maintenance and logistical support to deployed EA-6B squadrons supporting operations Northern and Southern Watch.

With its vast mission, the Navy set up shop and went to work on everything from calibrating complex avionic test equipment to aircraft tire and wheel repair. These sailors ensure aircraft parts are readily available for use downrange.

ELU-1 operates out of 100 mobile maintenance vans with 57 personnel deployed from Fleet Readiness Center Northwest, Whidbey Island, and nine permanent party personnel.

We’re a small unit in a remote location, but thanks to hard work, high morale and team work with our Air Force hosts we are able to provide superior support to our deployed counterparts,” said Lt. Cmdr. Carl Hink, Unit One commander.

Additionally, the unit works so well due to the support provided by the Air Force, he said.

“The 86th Maintenance Group readily enhances our mission by providing organic support capability we are unable to accomplish within the confines of our mobile facilities such as parachute maintenance,” said Commander Hink. Ramstein’s transportation management office also helps the Navy unit by shipping all repaired Navy aircraft parts downrange.
“Our unit is unique in the fact that we are landlocked and still able to accomplish a Naval mission,” said Petty Officer Eric Sturm, logs and records leading petty officer.

“ELU-1 provides the highest quality Ready-for-Issue aircraft parts possible for deployed EA-6B squadrons,” said Commander Hink “Our mission is to contribute to the Navy’s mission in the Global War on Terrorism.”


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