Law class students hold mock trial

Students in teacher Teresa Hahn’s Practical Law class at Ramstein American Middle School held a mock trial Jan. 15 and 16 in the school’s information center. The mock trial was the culmination of a semester of hard work learning about the law. Mrs. Hahn prepared her students by giving them the details of a custody dispute, and each side studied affidavits and prepared opening and closing arguments.
Principal Nancy Hammack, and Assistant Principal D.J. LaFon Bynnom presiding witnesses were called and questioned and a jury heard testimony and arguments from both sides.
“I think Practical Law was a great way for students to learn about their government and the law,” said student Rachel Taylor.
Janelle Asher, another RAMS student said, “I think it’s an awesome class. It was easy to understand and knowing about the law makes it more interesting to pay attention to current issues in the courts.” (Courtesy of Ramstein American Middle School)