Life Choices essay excerpts

LIFE Choices essay excerpts

“I have never done drugs, drank alcohol, or had any discipline problems. I am an honor student. During the past two years I have lost so much more than just physical weight. I have lost confidence, friends, trust of my parents, my 3.89 GPA, faith in myself, happiness. In less than one year, I went from a healthy 125 lbs. to 94. I hope I can use my experience to help others who are dealing with the same thing.”

“It really hurts to know that the reason that I will not ever know my grandmother is because some idiot made the stupid decision of driving drunk and all he got was a small fine. This is the major reason why I have pledged to myself that I will not drink and drive.”

“What will help me in the long run is building a strong relationship with my family, who will always be there, while Drugs will only be there for me, when I have the money, and even then they will only numb my feelings for a couple of hours.”

One student honored his parents and their influence on his choices in a rap song.
“We out the ghetto and don’t nobody miss it
Now listen
The choice here is naked to the eye
Does my father leave or support mother an’ I
Studies say in most teen pregnancies, fathers don’t stay
Then why my real father still here to this day…
Five days a week, early morning, alarm goes off
You pro’ly turn it off, go back to sleep and blow school off
But fact is
There’s some kids
With no education
What they would give
To learn to spell
And read words off pages
It outrageous
That half the kids too busy skippin’
That they don’t even know what’s goin’ on in the lesson
It’s a blessin’
To be able to read and write
Make speeches, take science
Be able to count and type
Dat’s right
You got all these things you take for granted
But when you don’t have it
Is the time you whish you had it.
So the next time you even think of the idea of skippin’
Think about all faces of those uneducated children.”