Living history: Meet Truman Goodwin

Truman Goodwin volunteered for the Ramstein voluntary fire department until 1995.

When Truman Goodwin, known as “Goody,” first arrived in Germany he said it ‘felt like home.’ And, he would come to devote a life-long commitment to Ramstein Air Base and the local community.

“I first came to Ramstein in 1961 as an Airman,” Goody said.  “The countryside and the weather felt just like home in Massachusetts.”

It didn’t take long for a Rasmteiner woman to catch his eye.  Goody met his wife, Waltraud, and the couple married in 1964, which further devoted him to the area.

“We have been married for 58 years this year and had three sons,” said Goody. “All happy events.”

Goody joined the U.S. Marine Corps at 19 years old and after six years transferred to the U.S. Air Force as a truck driver.

“My first impression arriving in Ramstein was how huge the base was and how laid back Ramstein village was,” said Goody.

Goody’s career brought him and his family to California, the Netherlands and again to Ramstein AB. While stationed at Ramstein AB, Goody retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1975.

He and his wife decided to settle in Ramstein and raised their sons.

Truman Goodwin met his wife, Waltraud, in Ramstein, and the couple married in 1964.

“Since that time I worked full-time for AAFES in different positions as a gas station attendant, sales associate and a supervisor,” he said.  “After retiring from AAFES, I continued working as intermittent Warehouse Worker. I also deployed with AAFES two times to Kuwait and Iraq.”

Goody’s commitment didn’t end with employment, he also spent time as a volunteer firefighter in the Ramstein Fire Department.  He also volunteered with the Marines at Landstuhl Hospital, which he said he ‘enjoyed tremendously.’

“I can say Ramstein is my home and I consider myself a Ramsteiner,” Goody said.

Goody continues to play a role in the Ramstein and base community, and he has advice for Airmen who are stationed here today.

“Get to know Germany, its people and culture,” he said. “Visit the local fests, and join their organizations. Most of the Germans speak English, but they also appreciate when you learn a little German too.”

Truman Goodwin, “Goody”, left, and his wife, Waltraud, right, pose with their youngest son, Jeffrey, in Ramstein this year. Goody has been a long-time Ramstein resident after he retired from the U.S. Air Force.