Local spouse claims ACC’s Joan Orr award

Capt. Davina Petermann
603rd Air Operations Center

***image2***Thousands of lives have been touched by the selfless efforts of Cindy Secor, the Air Combat Command Joan Orr Spouse of the Year award winner for 2006.

As the Volunteer Coordinator for the Wounded Warrior Ministry Center at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, Mrs. Secor (with the help of her fellow WWMC volunteers) coordinated the distribution of $700,000 worth of clothing and personal items to more then 9,400 servicemembers who have been injured while fighting the Global War on Terrorism.

“Before we arrived in Germany, I felt called to care for people, but I didn’t see myself at a hospital,” said Mrs. Secor. “After meeting Chaplain Joel Warren (then OIC of the WWMC) doors started opening and I realized this is where I was supposed to be.”

To ensure the requirements of the WWMC are met, Mrs. Secor works with numerous private individuals, as well as non-profit and church groups, military service organizations (both veterans and active duty), and even a few groups from foreign countries.

The Wounded Warrior Ministry Center, formerly the Chaplains’ Closet, started out as a closet filled with items for people wounded in the GWOT. It is now a three-room building that helps approximately 750 people per month with the items they need after being medevac’d to LRMC for treatment. Assistance is given to all branches of service, coalition military members and contractors.

 “We don’t just help those who have been wounded, but also those who are sick,” said Mrs. Secor.  “Many of the people who come here arrive with nothing; they don’t have time to pack a bag or anything before they leave.” 

The goal of the WWMC is to provide items of comfort (sweats, T-shirts, underwear, socks, shoes, winter coats, hats and toiletries) to “fill holes” until the servicemember’s personal effects can catch up with them in the military healthcare system.

 “It is such a privilege to be part of this organization,” said Mrs. Secor. “Anything we can do to help brighten their day.”

In addition to her work at the WWMC, Mrs. Secor volunteers at the Ramstein South Chapel, Liturgical Service.

As a Parish Council representative, Mrs. Secor advises the council and Pastor on fellowship and outreach ministry initiatives. She has been a Sunday school teacher, serves on Altar Guild, and is the fellowship committee co-chair.

Col. Joseph Pridotkas, 67th Network Warfare Wing commander, said, “Her examples of compassion, sacrifice and commitment set the standard for us all to emulate. We are truly grateful for her tireless service to our wounded warriors, showing grace, kindness and sincerity.”

Mrs. Secor’s husband, Maj. Blain Secor, is the Information Operations deputy team chief in the 603rd Air and Space Operations Center. The IO team was formerly part of ACC’s 67th NWG.

The Joan Orr award is sponsored by the Air Force Association and is awarded to spouses of active-duty Air Force members for significant contributions.