Long-term care insurance available for qualified members

Active-duty Airmen, some reservists, appropriated fund civilian employees, retirees and qualified family members can still apply for the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program.
FLTCIP is a benefit authorized by Congress to help federal employees defray the costs of in homecare, nursing homecare, or assisted living facilities for people no longer able to perform normal daily activities because of chronic health conditions.
According to officials, most people believe they don’t need long-term care insurance because they have health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. However, in most cases, only skilled medical services are covered and usually only for a limited time.
Health plans usually don’t cover ongoing chronic care such as extended stays in assisted living facilities or continued need for a home health aid. Disability income insurance does not pay for long-term care.
“When you need long-term care services, securing the best type and quality of care can seem daunting,” said Kay Cole James, Office of Personnel Management director.
“That’s why the care coordination services provided by the federally-sponsored long-term care insurance program are so valuable,” she said.
FLTCIP enrollees have access to care coordination services at no additional charge, said Mrs. James.
Enrollment is not tied to an open season and employees may enroll at any time under the Full underwriting application, which is an option most employees use or the abbreviated underwriting application, that has certain limitations.
For more information on the insurance program and how to enroll, visit the Web site at http://www.ltcfeds.com/.(Courtesy Air Force Personnel Center)