LRMC acquires new decontamination system

Sgt. Joe M. Battle
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

***image1***The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department recently purchased a new patient decontamination system to address the real possibility that a contaminated patient might arrive at the hospital’s doorstep.

The “Tactical Aireshower” is a rapidly deploying decontamination system that can be quickly erected and fully functional during almost any weather condition, said Maj. Stephen E. Fecura, LRMC Emergency Department assistant chief.

The key factors that lead to the choice of the inflatable decontamination system were its one- to two-minute set-up time and its ability to provide a warm environment and heated water, addressing concerns about winter cold exposure.

The toxic waste water containment system also meets German environmental protection requirements.

On Nov. 15, emergency room staff members assessed the decontamination system as they trained in cold weather, erecting the shelter and wearing fully-encapsulating protective suits, also called “space-suits,” with a portable air-powered respirator.
“With this new system, LRMC hopes to set a European benchmark for handling self-presenting, contaminated patients,” said Major Fecura.