Make a sober choice: Don’t drink, drive

Staff Sgt. Allison Wray
723rd Air Mobility Squadron

Every morning I drive into the Ramstein West Gate, and I always look to see when the last arrest for Driving Under the Influence was.
I began noticing a trend. At the very least, we in the KMC have a DUI approximately every 10 days. There was one on Mother’s Day.
Try explaining to dear old Mom, how you lost a stripe, received an Article 15, lost pay and received a restriction to base, because you chose to drink and drive.
Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy an occasional drink, but I never make the choice to drink and drive.
Many times, people make the wrong choice to drink and drive thinking they won’t get caught. Often, they don’t realize how that wrong choice puts their lives and the lives of someone’s loved ones in jeopardy.
With all of the support programs in place, there is always a safe way to get home.
When you indulge in too much alcohol, call Airmen Against Drunk Driving at 0631-536-2233 or call your supervisor or unit first sergeant.
I would much rather call my supervisor or a friend to drive me home than stand in front of my commander in service dress, humiliated and ashamed of my actions.
We don’t make a fortune in the military, so why risk losing a pay grade, not to mention paying for damage or emotional debt if you kill someone?
Save your life, your career and possibly someone else’s life — don’t drink and drive.