Copier contract expires at Ramstein; units must validate requirements

The current digital copier contract will expire on Oct. 1, and the Defense Automation and Production Service Europe will replace all contracted U.S. Air Forces in Europe digital copiers by Sept. 30.
Copiers from the old contract will be removed before Oct. 1. If a unit does not establish new requirements, the copier(s) will not be replaced. In accordance with Air Force Supplement to DoDD 5330.3, dated Oct. 31, 2003, Document Automation and Production Service (DAPS), a Base DAPS Focal Point/Base Copier Manager has been appointed. The base information management office, 835th Communications/SCSI was designated as the OPR for copier management issues. Master Sgt. Estella Harris and Tech. Sgt. Anthony Varano from 835 CS/SCSIP are the Base DAPS focal points. They can be reached at 489-6963 or e-mail to 835cs.scsip@ramstein.
Copier monitors need to validate their new copier and/or multifunctional device requirements with their Group DAPS focal point. Group focal points will forward their requirements to the base DAPS focal point for consolidation.
“Copier monitors will need to work closely with their resource advisers when establishing new copier requirements,” said Sergeant Harris, chief of base publishing and Web management.
“Copier prices are only provided to the resource advisers and unit funding will dictate your final copier acquisition. Please note, paper will no longer be included in the contract.”
Copier paper can be purchased through DAPS or another source at additional cost. You should consider the following items when determining unit organization’s new copier requirements: classified copying needs, scanning, scan-to-e-mail, scan-to-folder, scan controller, fax, Internet fax, volume usage, high-speed copying, color copying, duplex, sorting, stapler, hole punch, paper size and network capabilities.There are several other specifications and features that are not listed. People may view the vendors at:
“The new copiers that are offered have a lot of new features that will definitely benefit the work centers,” said Sergeant Varano, chief of NATO Subregistry (Administration Communication) and base publishing. “Base IM wants to ensure every unit out there knows about the copier replacement program and we stand by to assist in ensuring a smooth transition to the new copier contract.”
For more information on the copier replacement program, visit the Base IM Web site at
For more information, Ramstein units should contact their unit copier monitor, Group DAPS focal point, or the base DAPS focal point.
(Courtesy of the 435th Communications Squadron)