Make your own Advent wreath

Story and photos by Nicole Karsch-Meibom
Contributing writer

Celebrating Advent is such a lovely opportunity to get together and enjoy the spirit of the season.

Decoration artist and florist Sabine Schuon (visit from Nagold, near Stuttgart, showed us an easy way to make a traditional wreath.

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Schuon said he recommends having all the materials and tools ready before starting. Cut materials into the proper size, length and shape. Use correct equipment. As for tools, Schuon suggests using garden clippers, small kitchen knives, wire cutters or pliers, and scissors for cutting felt.

For your wreath, you will need a straw base (a ring about 30 centimeters in diameter), greenery (fir, cedar and conifer sprigs), “Patenthaften,” or staples, fir cones, and spruce cones or pine cones for basic decorations. Then, get heavy wire (12 mm Steckdraht), four candle holders (Kerzenteller) and four pillar candles.

“Always use special self-extinguishing candles,” Schuon said. “They stop burning at a certain depth automatically.”

As for further decorations, anything is possible. For her exhibitions, Schuon likes to use felt balls, walnuts, miniature clay pots, wooden stars, moss as well as glass berries and balls in silver, gold or red. “What really adds that special touch of glamor is fine decoration wire (Zierdraht) in shining colors,” she said.

All decorations and equipment are available at the crafting department of your local hardware store, such as Hornbach (Kaiserslautern, Mainzer Straße 33) or Praktiker (Kaiserslautern, Opelkreisel 16), or any arts and craft stores, such as Scharff und Höh, und Wiebelt GmbH (Kaiserslautern, Beethovenstr. 54-56). If you want to save money, go outside and start collecting decorating materials from Mother Nature itself.

“Basically, there is no limit. A wreath can be made with anything that pleases the eye,” Schuon said. “Advent can be a great time of creativity, and once you find out how easy it is, Advent wreaths can also be a wonderful gift.”