Massage therapy reduces fatigue, calms nerves

Betsy Allen
435th Services Squadron

***image1***The 435th Services Squadron’s fitness centers offer patrons several programs to stay in shape through cardiovascular exercise, weight training, intramural sports and incentive programs.
Two of the fitness centers, Ramstein Northside and Sembach, also offer massage therapy to help customers stay healthy.
“It is a common misconception that massage is a luxury,” said Dawn Priebe, a national certified massage therapist, Ramstein Northside Fitness Center. “Massage therapy can calm nerves, increase flexibility, relieve muscular tension and reduce fatigue.”
Sore muscles and stress can be treated or eliminated with massage therapy said Priebe.
Certified massage therapists at the two fitness centers offer various types of massages depending on customers’ needs. Customers can inquire about therapists and their specialties when making an appointment.
Swedish massage involves a system of active and passive exercise of muscles and joints. Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper muscles and connective tissues of the body.
Oriental massage combines Shiatsu, acupressure and Swedish to stimulate the flow of energy or “chi” through the body. Neuromuscular or trigger point therapy consists of alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle spasm. Reflexology is based on the principle that reflexes in the feet and hands correspond to every part of the body.
The fitness center therapists also offer massages designed for those who are pregnant.
Priebe said that massages can be the best medicine without all the side effects, but she stressed that it can not be used in the place of medical attention.
People who are sick may not be able to receive a massage or may require a doctor’s written approval. When in doubt, customers should ask their healthcare provider, said Priebe.
All massage therapists at the Ramstein and Sembach fitness centers are fully trained, qualified and certified. During training, massage therapists spend hours learning anatomy and physiology and securing hundreds of training hours, said Priebe. She also said that therapists who work at the 435th SVS fitness centers are certified and stay-up-to-date with annual continuing education.
Priebe said that insurance companies typically do not cover massage therapy, which is a common question by customers at the fitness centers.
“Many insurance companies do not pay for massage therapy, but each person should check with their insurance provider for more information,” said Priebe.
Massage appointments must be scheduled in person and paid for in advance. For more information, contact the Ramstein Northside Fitness Center at 480-8085 or Sembach Fitness Center at 496-7530.