Medical appointments made easy

Courtesy of 86th Medical Group

The goal of the 86th Medical Group has always been to meet the health care needs of patients and their families by providing the best possible medical care while ensuring access to the services.

In December, the medical group implemented a new, simplified appointment model with the intent of making appointments easier. The previous model consisted of four appointment types with specific booking criteria that could present challenges to matching the type of care needed with the available appointment type at the right time.

The new model uses only two appointment types, greatly simplifying the process for both
patients and staff in the hopes it will improve customer service.

The goals of this new model are to ensure patients’ primary care acute needs can be addressed within 24 hours while all other routine and chronic concerns are addressed in seven days (or when it is most convenient for the customer).

In the old system, this could take up to 28 days in some circumstances.  The simplified model allows appointment managers to quickly identify the appropriate mix of appointments and the ability to make on-the-spot adjustments when applicable to meet patients’ needs. This has improved appointment availability to patients and their families.
For health care needs, call 479-2273 or 06371-46-2273, or visit TRICARE online.

MiCare Secure Messaging is an online application that allows patients (86th MDG enrolled patients) to securely communicate with their health care team via email. Only patients and their health care team have access to these MiCare messages.

To communicate directly with a provider and team, visit

As processes are being improved, feedback is welcomed. To provide feedback, contact Maj. Janelle Quinn, 86th MDG group practice manager, at 479-2687 or