Military Matters – March 15, 2013

1st Sergeants’ Corner

Taking care of each other
Whether you’re an E-1, O-10 or any rank in between, or Army, Air Force or other service, one role we all have in common is that of taking care of our fellow service members. Looking out for one another is not something new. We use titles like “wingman” or “battle buddy” to describe those who have our backs when times get rough or potentially unsafe. Unfortunately, a portion of us have forgotten the importance of being a sensor to those who are in need of help.

So, how do we know who’s not looking out for us? Easy. They are the ones getting drunk with others as the night grows more and more dangerous, unable to make logical decisions due to inebriation. They are the people who take no notice of us when we are experiencing times of despair, such as divorce, death in the family, or administrative and legal troubles. They have the “not-my-problem” mentality.

So, who is looking out for you? It’s the person near you while you’re drinking who is sober and brave enough to tell you, “I think it’s time to call it a night. Let’s get you home.” It’s the person who recognizes a co-worker’s negative behavioral change then has the courage to intervene in that person’s life and help or get help without hesitation. It can even be the person who helps you through your job or school work when you are struggling.

Being a sensor to the behavior of those around you (friends, co-workers, etc.) places you in a much better position to take care of them. The point of having each other’s backs is to get involved in people’s lives in a positive manner before they make a poor decision. So, pay attention and get involved!

(by Master Sgt. Dathan Hayes, 2nd Air Postal Squadron first sergeant)

Civil Engineers’ Corner

Dormitory superintendent position available
The 86th Civil Engineer Squadron has a vacancy for dormitory superintendent. The dormitory superintendent leads 12 personnel in managing 16 dorms valued at more than $185 million, covering both Ramstein and Kapaun air bases. This person promotes COMUSAFE’s prioritized “Clean, Safe and Secure Dormitory” initiatives to sustain and implement improvements for dormitory quality of life. This person inspects, identifies, reports, coordinates and tracks work order requests for facility maintenance, sustainability and improvements. This person also manages a $130,000 a year budget, including furniture replacement plans with the 86th CES Furnishings Management Office and acts as the primary adviser to command chiefs, squadron commanders, installation deployment centers and 41 first sergeants in setting and enforcing health, welfare and morale standards to 1,200 dormitory residents.

Interested individuals should contact Debbie Perez at the KMC Housing Office at 489-6029 or

Airman dormitory leader positions available
The 86th Civil Engineer Squadron has vacancies in the ADL section for E-5/staff sergeant. We are seeking highly motivated individuals interested in a unique experience that will develop their leadership, mentoring and management abilities and broaden their talents. These positions are highly visible and require working with all levels of leadership.

Applicant criteria:
» E-5 with completed seven-level
» Two years remaining on station
» Commute should be within 30 minutes
» Minimum fitness score of 80 percent
» Provide copies of last three EPRs
» Provide current fitness score sheet
» Provide SURF
» Must not have received a selective re-enlistment bonus
» Must be released from AFSC

This person ensures a high quality of life standard for residents to achieve a clean, safe and secure campus and coordinates and advises unit commanders and first sergeants on all matters concerning dorm residents. This person manages individual room assignments, terminations and maintains occupancy listings. The ADL also ensures dorms meet public health and safety standards and accounts for furniture, appliances, recreational equipment and supplies. The ADL maintains and coordinates work order requests and repair records to ensure all actions are completed in a timely manner. This person also supervises bay orderlies, making sure daily cleaning standards are met. The ADL also provides after-hours, on-call support to unit leadership and residents and ensures fire, safety and health inspections are completed. This person also mentors and supports dormitory and installation dorm councils in achieving improved standards through self-help and unit led projects.

Interested individuals should contact Master Sgt. Misti Rodriguez at the Dormitory Reception Center, Bldg. 2413, or call 480-3676/9313.

Construction on Mitchell Avenue
Construction will be conducted on Mitchell Avenue between Harmon Avenue and Kisling Drive (next to Bldg. 2128) Wednesday through March 28. The road construction is necessary to remove the old railroad tracks in the roadway. The roadwork will block vehicular thoroughfare during the time of construction, and traffic will be detoured around the construction site. Phasing of the construction work will be done in an effort to maintain one lane of traffic northbound at all times; southbound will be closed to traffic during this time period. Southbound traffic will be re-routed via Kisling, Lincoln and Harmon avenues. Access hours for privately owned vehicles through the East LVIS gate will be extended from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays in both directions. The jogging trail and sidewalk at this location will be closed during this time. The reconstruction is needed to improve roadway safety, ride quality and reduce wear and tear on vehicles. Watch for more updates in the Kaiserslautern American.

For more information, call Tech. Sgt. Everett Wiler, 86th Civil Engineer Squadron SABER Office, at 480-9043.