Military operation and urban terrain

by Airman 1st Class Kenny Holston
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The 786th Security Forces Squadron had quite a showing for its two-week Creek Defender course.  This course helps teach security forces members new tactical training methods and skills to better prepare them for situations that often occur in deployed environments.

This time it was tweaked just a little bit with the addition of a new exercise to the course curriculum. Pre-Military Operation and Urban Terrain is the newest training tool, giving security forces members a chance to learn how to clear houses and buildings during raids and searches, before they have to trek to Baumholder for evaluation by Creek Defender Cadre members.

Security forces members who attend the course are broken up into squads. Members from Aviano Air Base made up squad three, along with Staff Sgt. Scott Willison and Staff Sgt. Julie Lounsbury from Peterson Air Force Base, Colo. Tech. Sgt. Rodolfo Calderon was the squad leader.

“This portion of the Creek Defender course has been very helpful to me and my squad,” said Sergeant Calderon. We came across problems that made us work as a team and challenged us to come up with solutions that we wouldn’t ordinarily think of.”

***image3***Pre-MOUT started at 6 a.m., Airmen were issued weapons and then put in formation for a two-mile march to the training site on Sembach. Master Sgt. Tamala Hartz, lead training instructor, marched with the students to give them tips on how to avoid fatigue caused by the weight of their gear.

“Airmen fatigued from carrying their gear will only handicap their squad in a deployed location,” said Sergeant Hartz.

After arriving at the training site, each squad was assigned a training instructor who led them through each portion of the exercise and ensured each scenario was done with skill and accuracy.

“Pre-MOUT is an exercise that better prepares our security forces Airmen for today’s war on terror,” said Staff Sgt. Chris Clawson, Creek Defender training instructor. “I’ve been deployed several times and this course is exactly what our Airmen need in order to successfully complete the mission downrange.”

***image2***After a day of executing tactical movements and overcoming tough situations, the students were ready to put their skills to the test. The following day they traveled to Baumholder, where they used what they learned in their final evaluation for that portion of the Creek Defender course.

“I think our squad was well prepared for the day’s events,” said Senior Airman Elizabeth Sleath.  “My squad and I were confident in all the decisions we made, and movements we executed throughout our evaluation.”