Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal goes to motorcycle guru

***image1***The Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal was recently presented
to Senior Master Sgt.Mark M. Cipriano, for the period of Aug. 1, 2002
to June 15, 2006. During this period, Sergeant Cipriano was assigned to
435th Air Base Wing Inspections and Readiness.

He conducted Rider Coach Prep Workshops throughout Europe training more
than 40 Rider Coaches for U.S. Air Forces in Europe, U.S. Army in
Europe and NATO forces.

Sergeant Cipriano is one of only two Rider Coach Trainers in the U.S. Air Force, with less than 100 nationwide.

Sergeant Cipriano conducted seven Basic Rider Coach courses, training
70 in the basic riding skills needed to operate a motorcycle and
facilitating many of them in obtaining their motorcycle endorsement
from their home state. 
Sergeant Cipriano conducted nine Experienced Rider Courses, training 85
riders in improving their experienced skills.  In addition, he
mentored young riders as a part of the “Fire Wings” motorcycle club.

The impact of Sergeant Cipriano’s dedication can be seen by the discipline of the motorcycle instructors throughout USAFE.

The instructors ensure riders do not graduate until they have the
skills needed to ride safely.  Since Sergeant Cipriano’s tenure as
the Command’s Rider Coach, motorcycle mishaps have lowered by an
astounding 75 percent.
Providing more than 500 hours of training and 1,000 hours mentoring
younger riders, Sergeant Cipriano has performed outstanding volunteer
service to the community of a sustained, direct and consequential
“Riding and teaching courses is a passion of mine,” Sergeant Cipriano
said. “To be recognized for my passion is a distinct honor.”