Mom of all trades: My Mom, Sherrie Ulmer

Emily UlmerRamstein American Middle School
grand-prize essay winner

***image1***Our Mom should be honored because she is a great Mom. Like most mothers, she often puts aside her own wants and needs to satisfy those of the rest of the family. She never stops taking care of the family and others. 

My little brother Andrew, age five says that, “she is the best Mommy in the world. She makes the best food and makes me feel special. I love her more than the whole wide world. She is a good Mommy and helps me with my homework.” He’s a great kid. Andrew is in speech classes and my Mom works extra with him so he can do better.

Sarah, age 11 says that Mom helps her understand her math and social studies.

“Mom teaches me to cook things such as pasta, eggs, and garlic bread. She can make me laugh when I really need to. On a rating of 1 to 10, I give her a 10!” Mom and Sarah have a lot in common; they both love buttered popcorn at the movies, ice cream and sushi.

Emily, age 12 (that’s me, I’m the big sister) thinks that she really deserves this prize for more reasons than I can put on one piece of paper. While she is taking such good care of us she forgets to take time and do special things for herself. She looks out for us and protects us even if we don’t like it. Mom won’t let me watch a few shows on TV that my friends get to watch and that upsets me. Then I remember that it’s because she cares for me and that she is being a good Mom. She has also been known to do neat little things, like writing a quick note and tucking it in my lunch box to surprise me and make me smile in the middle of my day. She is also quick to give a hug or play a game with us.

She supports me in school, soccer and all my other activities. Best of all, she is also a very good friend. I know I can talk to her about anything I want to and that she loves me no matter what. She knows when I’m feeling sad and can make me feel better. I really enjoy doing different things with Mom like swimming, riding bikes, or just hanging out.

We rarely realize what she does for us; we just know that everything is perfect. I don’t think we’d really know all the things she does unless she stopped and everything fell apart. She spends money to clothe and feed us; she shops, cooks, cleans, does laundry (24 hours a day if you ask her), and supports us through the good and the bad. However, that’s just us. Not only does she take good care of us and our Papa, but she’s also the best home daycare provider around. She watches a number of children from infants to kids age 12. She loves and cares for each child as an individual, just as she does the rest of her family.  Everything is a family event from their birthdays to the holidays! 

Another great thing our Mom does (there are too many to list here) is watching some of the daycare children for days or weeks at a time (including nights) while their parents are away and can’t care for them. In this way “Miss Sherrie”, as the daycare kids call her, is like a mother to them. This happens when their parents deploy or go TDY. 

Two girls ages nine and 12 stayed over at our house for a couple of weeks recently while their Mom was deployed downrange and their Dad had to go TDY. It wasn’t weird or anything; they were just part of the family for a while. But it did add to Mom’s already full days. Mom helped them with their homework and they even had chores to do.

Another example is when one of the girls my Mom cares for had to go to the hospital for five days and four nights because she had trouble breathing. Mom took care of Isabel’s four-year-old sister while their father stayed with her in the hospital and their mother was in Afghanistan. She nurtured Annaliese, who became part of the family, with food, clothes, and love. We often visited Isabel in the hospital and Mom lent them baby toys, so she could play.

One girl in particular came over. She is my age and we met in second grade.  Her dad was deployed and her Mom’s job required her to go TDY often.  She came to our house, and now our Mom jokes around with her as if she were family. In fact, she came over so often that my parents started saying she is their “part time daughter.”

Even though we’re sometimes upset at things our Mom does, like making us set the table or clean our room, we know it’s just because she cares. I’m trying to show, on just on sheet of paper mind you, that my Mom goes out of her way to help and take care of her family and others.  She does all this without asking for anything but a smile or a hug. 

Many moms are good, but ours is great! She deserves to be honored. Please help us show her how much we love and appreciate her.  She needs a vacation, some quality family time, and just a couple of days to pamper herself.

Emily received assistance from Sarah Ulmer, fifth- grader at Ramstein Intermediate School, and Andrew Ulmer, kindergartner at Ramstein American
Elementary School.