National Women’s History Month

National Women’s History Month plays an essential role in demonstrating the importance of including the role of women in the history of this country. Celebrating women’s accomplishments dates back to March 8, 1911, the first international Women’s Day.  

The 2006 theme, “Women: Builders of Communities & Dreams” honors and recognizes the role of women in transforming communities and the dreams of its citizens.  It honors the spirit of possibility and hope set in motion by generations of women in their creation of communities and in their encouragement of dreams.  It continues to honor women today for bringing communities together and restoring hope in the face of impossible odds.

Information about women and their successes gives males and females alike a perspective that challenges some of our cultures’ most unconscious and archaic assumptions about women.  The stories of women’s achievements also present an expanded view of the complexity and contradiction of living a full and purposeful life.

Thus, celebrating women’s history during Women’s History Month ensures the survival of stories of inspiration and hope; of courage and tenacity; and of promise, possibility and purpose.