New Maintenance App makes submitting work orders easy

The new Army Maintenance app, ArMA, has been live since January and is the way that Soldiers and Army families can get work orders submitted easily to maintain their barracks and family housing areas.

The Army’s #1 priority is People. ArMA enhances the ability of Soldiers, family members, and other tenants of Army-owned housing to securely access up-to-date information about the status of work orders they submit and provide feedback once the work is accomplished.

In the past two years, the Army has invested nearly $2.5 billion in barracks construction and renovation, with plans for billions more in the coming years. ArMA will help extend the life and quality of these new and upgraded facilities by ensuring required work is identified and reported earlier and maintenance performed quickly and accurately.

ArMA is part of the Army’s move from the industrial age to the information age and is for use in all Army barracks around the world, and for Army Family Housing, primarily overseas.

The first time a user accesses ArMA, they will be asked to register and have their sponsor verify their account, a one-time process. Once registered, users go directly to their own account.

They will be able to create a “household” in the “account management” section of the website so all members of a residence can see open maintenance requests. Their accounts remain constant when a Soldier, family member or civilian changes stations.