No AC, no problem!
Beat the heat with these cold ideas

Temperatures are rising here, and many people are wondering why there is no air conditioning in KMC facilities.

The KMC follows Air Force guidelines in determining which facilities are authorized air conditioning. Generally, the Air Force supports air conditioning for mission facilities, family housing and dormitories in regions experiencing more than 350 hours per year with outside temperatures of more than 80 degrees.

The KMC averages 181 hours per year of outside temperatures more than 80 degrees .

More information on air conditioning policies are available by viewing KMCI 32-1001 in the publication section of the 435th Air Base Wing – go to: https://wwwmil.ram – or call 480-2581.
(Courtesy of 435th Civil Engineer Squadron)

Cool tips:
-It’s cooler at night – open windows.
-Use fans – air flow affects comfort.
-Turn off unneeded lights, computers, printers, coffee makers and other heat-generating equipment.
-Avoid using the oven. Cook food requiring only a burner.
-Check for insulation above the attic
or ceiling. Installation in base housing can be done by civil engineers as part of an energy-saving project. Call 480-2581 for more information.