Order of the Sword tickets now available

The USAFE enlisted corps will bestow their highest honor on Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, USAFE commander, when they induct him into the command’s Order of the Sword during a ceremony 6 p.m. Aug. 26 in the Ramstein Officers’ Club.

All enlisted military members and their guests are welcome to attend, and price of the tickets for the dinner event are $27 for club members and $30 for non-club members. The deadline for ticket purchase is Aug. 19.
A 33-year Air Force veteran who has been the USAFE commander since August 2003, General Foglesong will become only the 16th recipient honored with the USAFE Order of the Sword.

The Order of the Sword is the highest honor the Air Force enlisted corps can bestow on an officer. The tradition dates back to medieval times, when noncommissioned officers presented their leaders with a sword as a symbolic gesture of loyalty. It is patterned after two orders of chivalry founded in Europe during the Middle Ages – the Royal Order of the Sword and the Swedish Military Order of the Sword. Both orders are still in existence today.
For more information and to purchase a ticket, contact your wing command chief master sergeant or first sergeant.

TV reception
Some viewers watching the AFN Kaiserslautern local television channel 26 may experience temporary loss of signal quality and reception until the end of August. The local channel is broadcasting from a new transmitter tower, and its proximity to the old tower may cause a temporary loss of signal quality and reception. The 5th Signal Command maintains both towers and has scheduled destruction of the old broadcast tower for Aug. 29. Normal reception is expected to be restored when the old tower is destroyed. Call AFN at 489-7206 or 0631-536-7206 for details.

Base IM office move
The Base Information Manage-ment office moves Monday through Aug. 12 from its Einsiedlerhof location to Ramstein Bldg. 2103, near the Hercules Theater.

The move puts base IM in a convenient location for customer service and includes the Base Records Management office, in Room 111, and Base Content Management (Publishing) office, in Room 118. Records Custodian training will be held at the Network Training Center, Bldg. 2126. New phone numbers will be posted.

A6 construction
Dates of construction on Autobahn A6 directions Mannheim and Saarbrücken have changed to Monday through Nov. 11. The two military exits leading to the U.S. Army installations at Kaiserslautern East – Daenner, Kleber and Panzer Kasernes – will be blocked during this construction.

Work starts with repair of the Saarbrücken to Mannheim lane right before the military exit. The lane will be blocked for about a month with the reroute on the other lane toward Saarbrücken, making two lanes toward Mannheim and Saarbrücken.