New Sembach, Vogelweh recognition program kicks off

Capt. Jenny Lovett
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The 38th Combat Support Wing is now awarding “Yard of the Month” on Sembach and Vogelweh as part of the KMC’s Installation Excellence program, which started in July.

The recognition program includes four categories for each base, with judging based on residents’ personal care and effort. Winners each month receive a certificate and have their yard highlighted with a sign. 

The four categories include: yard of the month, building of the month, balcony of the month, unit of the month.

Each category is judged on cleanliness, landscaping, grooming and overall appearance. The objective is to encourage the community to take ownership of its home.

The Installation Excellence Adoption program was started as a supplement to Combat Proud and as a way to include more members of the KMC in the upkeep of the community, not just the active duty. The 38th is taking that one step further by asking residents of each base to take pride in the preservation of their surroundings. Whether that is a yard, a balcony or a unit’s building and grounds, each person has an opportunity to participate, said Maj. Mike Blass, 435th Air Base Wing public affairs officer.

The Sembach and Vogelweh awards will be given monthly throughout the growing season or as weather permits. All residents are encouraged to beautify their living and working areas and set the Installation Excellence standard of superiority for others to follow. 

“We’re very proud of this new program,” said Col. Rich Weathers, 38th CSW commander. “Taking care of our homes and our surroundings is important because it gives people a sense of ownership and belonging to the community.”

This month’s winners are:
– Yard – 29C (Sembach) 2719C (Vogelweh)
– Building – 93 (Sembach) 1119 (Vogelweh)
– Balcony – 38A3 (Sembach) 1011 Unit Y (Vogelweh)
– Unit – Sembach Combined Club, Vogelweh Commissary