Outdoor activities unlock normalcy during lockdown

No question, the last year-and-change has been unique. And understandably, some feel trapped, or at least limited regarding things to do.

While we certainly are limited, there are still a great number of activities to help fight these feelings, entertain ourselves, and try to retain some sense of normalcy.

Being outdoors, breathing fresh air, keeps your brain active, produces endorphins, and reminds us how beautiful life can be!


Family running through a forest

Walking and Hiking

This German standard remains mostly unchanged. Most trails remain open, with only the most minimal restrictions, like socially distancing and having a mask ready, just in case.

When looking for great trails, there are seemingly endless websites and apps available. Many offer filters like kid-friendly, dog-friendly, total distance, total altitude gain, and more. Many also offer downloadable maps in case your path leads “off the grid.”


Family riding mountain bikes


Now that mother nature is starting to show her sunny side again, dust off that bike! Like walking and hiking, biking is a great way to get physical exercise and boost your emotional state.

Also like walking and hiking, there are seemingly endless websites and apps for finding exciting trails, for any type of biking and any level of rider.

  • Same links as Walking and Hiking

Outdoor activity is great for you physically and mentally!


Family gardening together


Whether you have a yard or enjoy apartment living, taking care of a few plants can bring peace and joy, as well as provide time for a little meditation.

If you have outdoor space, you can plant flowers or herbs, or add a bird bath and feeder (or two). If you lack outdoor space, either a windowsill or a small table that can see a window will work, too! Maybe an orchid or a Bonzai plant can be your muse?

Most lawn and garden stores remain open, only requiring a mask and distancing. You can also shop online and have seeds, bulbs, and even plants delivered to your door.


Remember, while these times may be challenging, hopefully soon we will get back to normal. In the meantime, focus on what we can still do. Have fun, and stay safe!

Regardless of what you do and where you do it, always take precaution and plan ahead: