Outdoor Recreation

Baumholder Outdoor Recreation, Smith Barracks, Bldg. 816, 485-7182 or 06783-6-7182
Canoeing Mosel Valley
Sept. 15
Adults: $65 p. p. Children under 12: $35 p. c.
Canoe down the Mosel River from the town of Kesten to Bernkastel-Kues, passing steeply sloped vineyards and quaint castles as we make our way downstream. An adventurous spirit is recommended for all participants. Experience is not required, but for those without, be prepared for the possibility of getting wet! After we get off the river, we will make a stop at a local winery for some wine tasting. The shops and stores in Bernkastel-Kues will be open. These trips are not recommended for small children (unless accompanied by two adults). All participants must be at least 5 years of age and able to swim on their own.

Venice Express
Oct. 4-6
Cost: $189 per person
Venice is the original pedestrian zone and is filled with countless shops, restaurants, museums and other attractions. With no tour guide or set schedule to follow, you will be able to explore this living museum however you see fit. Visit the glass museums on Murano, ride a water taxi or gondola in the Grand Canal, or shop on both sides of the Rialto Bridge. Regardless of what you plan for your day, make sure to visit Saint Mark’s Square, and remember to plan time into your schedule for when you eventually get lost (and you will!) in this beautiful maze of winding streets and canals. But don’t worry about getting lost, if you download a free e-travelguide from Army Libraries before you get to Venice, you will be able to easily find yourself again.

Kaiserslautern Outdoor Recreation, Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2905, 493-4117 or 0631-3406-4117. Mon. to Fri. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Closed on federal holidays. https://kaiserslautern.armymwr.com
Prague Express
Sept. 14
Cost: $99 p.p. & $69 for children under 12
Enjoy a day in Prague, the Bohemian capital, where the sight seeing opportunities are endless. Czechs say “All cities are jealous of Paris, but Paris is jealous of Prague.” and your friends will be jealous of you while you stroll across Charles Bridge, visit Prague Castle, return to the Soviet era at the KGB Museum or inside a nuclear bunker, admire the Old Town Square and astronomical clock. With no set schedule or tour guide to follow, you are free to explore Prague in your own way and at your own pace.

Sept. 15
Cost: $279 per person
Get the thrill of a lifetime when you go tandem skydiving with Kaiserslautern Outdoor Recreation. After approximately 20 minutes of ground training, you and your jumpmaster will board the aircraft and ascend to an altitude of approximately 13,000 feet. Safely connected to your jumpmaster and ready to take the plunge, you will exit the airplane and freefall almost 8,000 feet at speeds approaching 200 miles per hour, before your tandem jumpmaster opens the parachute. After the chute is opened, you will float gently to earth over a period of about 5 minutes.

Trout Fishing
Sept. 14, 29
Cost: Adults $59, ages 6-11 $39, ages 0-5 $19
Get back to nature, relax, and enjoy a day of trout fishing. While there are a wide variety of places to fish in Germany, we have chosen this one because it’s close, family friendly, and offers the possibility of catching 10-pound fish! And don’t worry about getting skunked, our certified fishing instructor is just waiting to provide as many tips and tricks as it takes to catch as many of them as possible.

Ramstein Outdoor Recreation, KMC Center, Bldg. 3336, 480-5705 or 06371-47-5705. Mon. to Fri. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sat., Sun., holidays and training days 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. https://www.86fss.com/sports-and-recreation/outdoor-recreation
Metz SUP
Sept. 14
Cost: $55; Ages: Unrestricted: young paddlers ride with parent; Pre-registration date(s): 5 days prior; Includes: Transportation, equipment, instruction
An ODR classic, the ever-popular Metz Stand up Paddleboard tour provides an amazing way to take in the sites of this beautiful French city. Glide across the canals of the Moselle River through the city center! We will start of outside the city then “commute” into downtown via waterways and canals. A small docking platform allows us to secure our craft and then wander the city streets in search of a sweet or savory lunch option. Perhaps a Royale with Cheese? Register early to ensure you snag a space! No previous SUP experience required, however water confidence, balance, and some physical endurance suggested. The winds can be unpredictable. Water shoes and modest swim attire suggested. Bring passport, euro for lunch, and a change of clothes for the ride home. Boards support up to 250lbs adult or adult/ child combo.

Skydive the Saar
Sept. 14
Cost: $150; Age: 12+ firm, weigh less than 95 kilos, minimum 140 cm tall; Pre-register by Wednesday prior; Includes: transportation, tandem skydive
Climb to a height of ~4,000 meters above the border of Germany and France above the Saar River … then experience human flight with a tandem jump! Flying is one of mankind’s most ancient dreams – and now you can live that dream! A tandem jump gives you a direct experience of the excitement during a free fall. The ascent, the jump, the speed during free fall, gliding under the canopy — it all creates a breathtaking experience beyond description. If you are at least 140 cm tall, at least 12 years of age, weigh less than 95 kilos, nothing stands between you and your tandem jump. Video or photos available for an additional fee. Light menu options are available on site. Suggest packing cash euro for food and beverage, a sack lunch if you prefer, and a book/ game/ good conversation for the time you’ll spend waiting on your flight at the landing zone.

Rock climb the Rhine
Sept. 15
Cost: $49 for climbers with no belay certifcation, $29 for top rope belay certifed, $19 for lead certifed; Ages: 14+, frm; Pre-registration date(s): By Wednesday prior; Includes: Transportation, American Mountain Guide Association Instructor, Equipment
The quartzite rock bands towering above the Rhine River just downstream from Bingen offer a fantastic venue to experience climbing on real rock for the frst time. Beginners and advanced climbers alike will enjoy the variety of movement here and all will appreciate the scenery of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Pack a lunch to eat while at the wall and the day will wind down with a visit to a nearby village along the river to explore the quiet back roads of the area. Potential dinner stop contingent on group consensus. Please note: venue subject to change for weather or site specifc conditions based on trip leader discretion.

Ruedesheim wine hike
Sept. 15
Cost: $39; Ages: No restrictions,; Pre-registration date(s): By Wednesday prior; Includes: Transportation, Rhine Ferry, Descent gondola fare, instruction
Ruedesheim rhymes with wine for a reason; one “Encyclopaedia of Wine“ suggests “this is the most important wine growing area in the world“. They are talking about the Rheingau, which with a planted area of around only 3000 hectares, is one of the smallest winegrowing areas in Germany. Hike through these famed Riesling-covered hills and earn your tasting! A pleasant gondola descent (included in trip fee) will bring you back into the heart of the village for a memorable day along the Rhine! ~10km hike gains much elevation and requires moderate fitness.