Paige’s Picks (CD review)

Britney Spears: “Circus”

        CD review

“Circus” was the first CD by Britney Spears that I had ever purchased.
I‘ve heard her music on the radio for years and never thought much about her.

But after hearing “Womanizer” and “Circus” on the radio this fall, I was curious about what else was on her new release.

I was very pleasantly surprised. This is a solid, fun, well-rounded CD.
Britney is sending a message with “Circus.”

She ascends her throne as the Queen of Pop with real fortitude and a pocket full of lessons learned.

She has pulled herself together now and has a group of good and supportive people behind her.

Britney is a superstar as always, but her career is in good hands now.
I would call Britney Spears an entertainer rather than a singer, but she surprised me with tracks like the hauntingly pretty “Unusual You” and candid break-up song “Out From Under.”

“Shattered Glass” is a song about an ended relationship, but more fun, with a musical reminder to the Cutting Crew song “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight.”
“My Baby” is a love song from a devoted mother to her children and is truly touching.

Britney chooses to be vulnerable with her fans with this one.
She lends her hand to writing and co-penned three of the songs on this album.
She completely delivers what she is best at: upbeat, fun club songs.

You can’t help but smile and sing on the treadmill with this CD.
After some very tumultuous years, Britney Spears is back on top, and I say good for her.