Parental involvement key to educational support   

by Barbara Worden
U.S. Air Forces in Europe
School Liaison Office

In today’s hectic world, finding both the time and the best way to productively support your child’s education can be a challenge. Although most parents know their daily actions at home play a very important role in their children’s education, there are other avenues in which they may be more actively involved.
The Internet, and its vast array of information, is a great source for parents to expand their knowledge on ways to get involved in their child’s education. Two particular Internet sites that parents may find beneficial are the Military Child Education Coalition and the National Parent Teacher Associate Web sites.
The coalition and their corresponding Web site, focuses on improving the life of the military child. The site has links to aid parents and students on their voyage through elementary and secondary school systems. A link on this site is Military Organizations Devoted to the Military Family. Other links provide information on scholarship and university programs, enrichment and on-line home study programs. The site can be found at:
The National PTA Web site also has articles designed to promote parental involvement. By accessing the site and clicking on the “parent involvement” tab at the top of the page, parents can find information to assist them in helping their child succeed.
The Web address is: Individuals are not required to be a member of the PTA organization to gain access to or benefit from the site.
By investing time in a child’s education today, parents can increase their child’s chances for success in school and for attaining a brighter tomorrow.
If you are a parent, guardian, or just interested in becoming involved in the education of our children, contact your installation School Liaison Office.